“Hey” Just look at that guy sitting there, The whole story, The devil sold his soul to me.

“Hey” Just look at that guy sitting there.


Just look at him dude, just left his young wife and two children because she had cheated on him.
It seems as if he is walking right off a Schlager festival, with his striking blouses, waistcoat, a curly hair and a mustache on his lip.
He starts a small masonry business, drives a BMW and thinks that the whole world belongs to him.
And always partying, expensive food and going out, and hanging out in pubs.
A Young boy what a show-off in his long trousers, blouses and gold jewelry.
Then look at those ridiculously large gold earrings in his ears, he now looks like a pirate.

Just look again, all kind off new things and a different appearance.
Now he thinks he's Tony Montana or something like that.
Just look with who he hangs out with, hey wait a minute, I know them from somewhere, don't you?
Just look at him, he parks his car in front of the door behind a red white ribbon, and does not even have to stand in line at that nightclub, the bouncers just let him in through the VIP door.
Just look at him sitting at that table, among all those big dangerous men.
It seems he knows them all, bouncers and club owners many bars and discos.


Collection agencies and construction companies, and all rogue car companies you can imagine.
Just look at him sitting among those whores pimps, dealers, murderers, dancers and bodybuilders.
Just look at him sitting there among the high tax officials and bankers, talking to build a few garden walls of their houses, or extend their house with an extension, or making secret rooms.
And now he is again negotiating with lawyers and traders in empty companies via tax havens at the bar.


Just look at him sitting among all those big men from all different levels and professions of society.
Just watch him sit for work or trade, or just for fun.
A young man with a small masonry company for work in the normal world, and all other contacts in what is called the underworld.
Look at him sitting there in that pub of that village with about seventeen thousand inhabitants.
Of course everyone in the area knows which family he comes from, and what he is up to.
Look at him there, no one hurts him, not even all the so-called big men from the village and the surrounding area.


Just look at him dude, that little criminal in that village surrounded by all the big cities in South Holland.
Look at him sitting there, all by himself among all those special and scary stories that no one hears.
Just look at him, that bastard who doesn't even look after his children, and is only partying all over the country and Belgium.
Look at him sitting arrogantly there at the bar, just released by the police for one of the so many violent crimes against all those defaulters that didn’t want to pay.
Look at him sitting there in that nightclub in Amsterdam where his buddies and he paid the 


bouncers, to beat the people who wanted to deal in their club, rob them and kicked out the club.
Just watch him sit there at the bar, laughing very loudly at a crook who tries to threaten and scare him with a gun against his back.
To drink a beer at the bar with the same crook after finishing laughing about him.
Just look at him there in that disco where he stands between the bodybuilder boyfriend of his ex wife and his friends and asks, do you have me on a list?
Because if so, we'll solve that right now and here.
Just watch him walk with that steel pipe in his coat and go to visit someone, because he has threatened his mate because he is up his alley.


And he will explain that his buddy doesn't trespass  anyone, and asks if there where any further problems.
Just look at him sitting in the restaurant where his older brother works as a chef, and his brother still has twenty thousand guilders in overtime payment from last year and his boss does not want to pay him.
But that his older brother could then still choose whether after an hour twenty thousand guilders in his pocket and look for a new job, or he finished his coffee and left.
He finished his coffee and left.
His older brother had to look for a new job not long after anyway.


It's a shame about the twenty thousand guilders, and maybe that's why I just have to drive back one more time and charge extra interest.
Just look at him after he has confiscated a car from a large client because he has not wanted to pay for months.
And he visited him at his home instead of at the office.
To have that client drive to the bank with his mate to collect the money, which strangely enough is suddenly possible.
Just look at him sitting in his car with binoculars posting on an industrial site, to describe buildings, times and people who come and go there.


And sometimes that posting took days or weeks.
Then look at him talking to a big crook who says that he still has an old receipt from him from his bankrupt bar.
And he just laughs at that boss after he calls him the wrong amount, without showing the receipt.
Hahaha he laughs at him and says, if your amount is the same as what I have in mind then I will pay you, and I will help you and give you a small hint.
You are more than two hundred guilders too high big horse cock, fuck off with your receipt.
And do you know what to do with that receipt when you find it, he calls to the bar owner.


Well what? the bar owner calls back, just roll it up and put it in a spot where the sun doesn't shine, motherfucker.

Look at him sitting there, Just look at that bastard sitting there.

In the Nineties South Holland.

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