Introduction of a stranger. the whole story. The devil sold his soul to me.

introduction of a stranger. 

It is dark and it rains softly when I am still half drunk and coked up with a thick joint between my fingers walking through the wet grass.
After a deep inhale on my blunt, I fill my lungs with smoke and let my longs impregnate with tar-filled THC so that I feel a bit more relaxed.
My feet are wet and I am very moody and depressed and the alcohol and coke didn't really help me with that.
My direction forces me to jump over a ditch, so that I reach a path and do not have to walk all the way back trough that fucking wet grass again.
What the fuck am I walking here, how the hell did I end up here.
In the distance is a big tree, and because I'm getting tired of that shitty rain, I decided to sit there for a while.
A big cloud of smoke leaves my lungs when I sit down and sighs as my body starts to protest softly after a long weekend of dealing, partying and using drugs.
While I refill my lungs I see in the distance a dark figure walking in my direction through the moonlight.
Thoughts and memories flash through my mind, have i been followed all the time and have not noticed it.


No… .. oh fuck it, I’m tired and I can’t anymore. I light my blunt again and inhale. The smoke clears, and in front of me stands a figure with a large cowboy hat and heavy dark raincoat reaching to the ground. I can’t help but pursing my lips and whistling that famous western tune, and just wait for him to pull his holster. Can I sit next to you, he asks, I nod and offer him my blunt while he sits down.

No thanks that stuff is made by my father, I’m allergic to it, all that chemistry that now flows through your veins, is a creation of me.

More for me I say and inhale.

Do you not recognize me asks the stranger who I cannot properly assess but feels somewhat familiar. “No” from some party, or are you a brother of, I ask back. I have been informed about you since you were little, says the stranger. Now you are starting to sound a little scary friend I say more seriously to the stranger so that he could hear my sarcasm well.

If I wanted you dead, we wouldn’t have been chatting here my freind.

I offer him my blunt again.

He smiles…..

he asks do you know why i’m here, and i say yes. You have nothing to offer me because I already have nothing to lose anymore because everything is already lost. I am up to my throat in drugs and violence, and don’t mind dying because then my time is up. Don’t you want to become the biggest, richest and most powerful in the world that you have now entered. I laugh and say for my soul, you will get those from my father and mother for free, and I will not be not getting any wiser of it. My family would sell mine to you for a second hand car if they were sitting here with you under this tree. His smile is bigger than before, points to me and says “you are even more insane than I thought”. Coughing and spitting, I laugh and give him a push to the left.

Asshole I spit.


We bet I can seduce you, he whispered after I recovered from laughter. For what, do you know everything I ask him. Yes, and no question or wish is too crazy. For everything, the rest of my family and mine. Ok, but only if you know what I want, I said to the stranger. Laughing loudly he turned to me and wanted to start. Wait a minute, can I ask you something else in between while we’re at it. Jesus christ curses the stranger and sighs okay one question then because it is you. Ok thanks I say and ask, “what a deal do you have with my uncle jan” man. He smiles and says that between uncle jan and me my friend and his eyes glow. We will continue he said and looked at me, tell me what do you want to know. The truth I want you to tell me the truth. Well you get it when you win the bet and when I win, you and all your family members lose everything. Yes I answer the stranger, if you know what I want from you, you can have everything, do you know what I want? He looks at me and doesn’t see anything, and it seems like he looks kind of surprised. I admit he says I don’t know.


I want your soul for a while, I answer him and blow my lungs empty again. He smiles and says why would you think I have a soul, and if you can have it. Have I won I ask the stranger as I role a new blunt. Yes, fair is fair I light my blunt on fire inhale, blow my lungs empty and smell a light sulfur aroma around me. I look around and see that the stranger has disappeared and the rain has stopped. I get up and start walking again when I suddenly hear a squeak coming from my pocket.

My mobile is back on line and I can call a taxi if I know where the hell I am. It is 1995, I am 25 years old and want to go to my bed.

Discover the world, but after tomorrow.

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