Underground Blues. the whole story. The Devil Sold His Soul To Me.

Underground Blues.


A heavy cloud of smoke hangs in the bar and the gitarrist of the band is just playing his solo, when i just emptied my glass. I nod in the direction of Pier the bartender, and he pours me some more whisky. “leave that botle” i growl at Pier, and he knows just how what time it is. It’s very late and everything happens in the dark and secrecy on places where technic doesn’t penetrate the walls. We don’t have to be afraid of noise disturbance, because the bar is situated in the dungeons of the old village center. And in this bar you see only the scum, black sheeps, musicians and artists, or a wealthy tourist who is then robbed and programmed to be a revolutionary and sent back. The last excluded scum of society or revolutioner who can still walk around secretly freely in the night after the new curfew laws. And that is something totally different in the big cities. The band plays “walk a mile in my shoes” and I roll myself a new blunt. I feel a hand sliding over my shoulders, and a shiver runs through my spine. I empty my lungs and take another sip of my whisky. A familiar scent has entered my nose, and the corners of my mouth are slowly rising into a smile.

hey sexy i whisper to the person who slides on the left side of the bar next to me. Hey sexy i hear whisper in my ear. A new shiver shoots through my whole body as my memories connect with the voice thats whispers to me. I finish my glass as i turn to empty my hands for a warm and long embrace from a good friend. What the fuck are you doing here cunt, i say as i gently press her warm body against me. I couldn’t sleep, she says, and saw that you weren’t in your studio, so i thought you’d be here. God damn stupid you know how dangerous that is to get here. Yes i know but…… “whatever” i say to her and kiss her softly on her lips. You know that nowadays you can’t go anywhere normally without that special pass. Yes, i know, she whispers in my ear, and bites it softly. There you have that sexy one again, i smile and pull her body tight against mine. My hand slide gently over her back, pushing her into a better position, so she can feel my state of arousal. She looks at me with hunger in her eyes. I smile to her and say we have to go.

It’s 2023 the world has changed and is divided welkom George.


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