Troubadour de L’Amour. poetry English.

Troubadour de L’Amour.

He is a troubadour de L’Amour who roams the unknown streets at night in search of a new prey, which he will seduce with his beautiful chansons.

He is a troubadour de L’Amour, and when his silhouette spontaneously fills the rooms, you will see their longing looks hungry for his songs.

He is a troubadour de L’Amour who when he has captured her with his stories, to let her float through the gardens of passion and lust.

He is a troubadour de L’Amour who enchantedly lets her sink into the mixed juices of their love that flows over her beautiful mound of Venus.

He is a troubadour de L’Amour, but if his soul starts to sing again and get restless on the way, he will not settle anywhere.

So when he beats his wings again and flies far away, he left a broken heart behind.

I am the troubadour de L’Amour.


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